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94% Of Homebuyers Want Parking

Thanks to the rising cost of fuel, Brits are spending enough money on their cars, they don’t want to have to spend more to park outside their homes as well. That is why the thing most homebuyers want more than anything else when looking for their dream property is somewhere to park their vehicle.

This is according to the latest Consumer Insights Survey from Zoopla, which revealed 94 per cent of those surveyed want some form of parking.

Following this, 84 per cent stated they want a garden in their new home, with nearly half (45 per cent) specifying the outdoor space needs to be large.

Energy efficiency is also an important consideration for homebuyers, with 70 per cent of new-build respondents admitting this is an ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ important factor in whether they go ahead with a purchase.

Alex Rose, director of New Homes at Zoopla, said: “One key take-away is the importance of energy rating to new home buyers at a time when energy bills are rising.”

The survey also found that only 41 per cent of resale buyers prioritise the energy efficiency of a property, accepting that an older home is unlikely to have the same environmentally friendly features as a modern residence.

Analysis by Zoopla found that owners of new-build properties can save up to 52 per cent on their energy bills compared to resale houses of the same size. However, nearly two-thirds (60 per cent) of buyers underestimate how much money they could save with a brand-new home.

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